Saturday, 24 July 2021

Bloody and A4Tech mice weaned from Rust

 Many gamers prefer Bloody and A4Tech gaming mice, and their manufacturer lures consumers with a wide range of software functionality, which sometimes comes close to the border with cheats. The studio Facepunch Studios is also concerned about the situation, having decided to protect its extremely popular survival simulator Rust , which is preparing for release on consoles, from dubious users.

The developers suggest that they close the game, disconnect the Bloody or A4Tech mouse, connect any other and continue to fight for survival in Rust. And the whole point is to compensate for the recoil due to the built-in memory. Affected players are clearly not happy with this decision, some are demanding a reconsideration or a refund, while others just set about bombarding Rust with bad reviews on Steam.

The move is radical, but it makes sense, and the majority will most likely support the decision of the project team.

Friday, 16 July 2021

Rust - Own boat and trendy haircut - what more could you ask for

 Sandbox-survival Rust recently received a major update that brings Chinook, a new helicopter, forests, caves, PvE monuments and more to the game. However, perhaps the most interesting innovation was the motor boat. You can fit in with your friends and explore the area. Note that without fuel, your vessel will be useless, but from the shore, or from another boat, you can easily be shot. On the other hand, there is no more dangerous threat than an ally, and therefore do not sit in the same vehicle with unfamiliar or too familiar people. Enemies will not sink, so friends dig the bottom with a stick.

In addition, birches, oaks and beech trees grew in the forests, and the rest of the vegetation, including on the head, received small changes. Yes, yes, now you can get a fashionable hairstyle, of course, if random loves you, otherwise you will have to go bald, then unshaven in other interesting places. The developers also worked on the graphic component of the game, adding reflections in the water, anti-aliasing and more realistic shadows in the foliage of the trees.

Not without bug fixes, map detailing and other improvements. Along with all these changes, Rust has become, in a sense, unrecognizable. We hope that the developers will continue to delight their fans in the future.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Safe Zones added to Rust

 Recently, the developers of sandbox-survival Rust have released a new update , the main feature of which is “safe” zones. In them, users can get together without fear for their lives, use various useful equipment, such as resource exchangers, vending machines where you can buy simple clothes, and much more.

However, it is worth considering the fact that in such places there are strict rules, you are forbidden to use weapons, kill other players, and also sleep in the zone itself and its immediate vicinity. Users who break the law will become hostile for five minutes, and all NPCs will start attacking them using heavy weapons.

In the future, the developers plan to continue to develop the concept of peaceful zones so that they fully meet the requirements of the game.

Friday, 2 July 2021

Rust Authors Announce Clatter Strategy

 Facepunch, behind Rust and Garry's Mod, announced a new game - Clatter. And this is neither a survival nor a sandbox. Suddenly. Clatter is a cartoonish tactical arena fighting game featuring funny robots and cubes with mustaches. Unexpected turn.

The game has two modes: "deathmatch" and "control". And the games take place on constantly changing maps. There is also a career mode in which you need to collect your team, train it and participate in tournaments and seasons. Like in football simulators.

There are multiplayer and solo matches. Players control squads of combat robots, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Clatter is due out on Steam in December.

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Meet the release of the Rust project

 Sandbox-survival Rust has been in the early access zone for a long time . For several years, the British studio Facepunch, of which Harry Newman is the head, introduced all sorts of changes to the gameplay, corrected errors, rules of mechanics and optimized the project client.

But then it became known that the long-awaited release of Rust took place . The team did not forget to release the patch as well. New boots have been added - Frog Boots. Introduced new trees and tutorials. Improved the visual component of the game. And now 2 pieces of scrap metal fall out of loot barrels.

In Rust, you and other players need to survive on a huge island. You have the opportunity to craft items, erect buildings, rob your neighbors and mock other people in every way.

Therefore, if you want to evaluate this creation from Facepunch personally, then immediately be prepared for the fact that a crowd of naked characters with stones can attack you and take away all your property.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Rust goes out of early access

 The developers of survival-action Rust have announced that their project is finally leaving Steam Early Access. The full release will take place on February 8, 2018. This event will not be accompanied by loud announcements, events, holiday giveaways or anything else. But the team will not move to other projects, but will continue to develop Rust. The release version will receive stable updates once a month. A beta version of the game will also appear, in which all innovations and edits will be tested before going to the base.

The developers themselves say that a new stage for them is the transition from prototype development to alpha version. Early Access became a tool for them to experiment with the game, receiving feedback from the gaming community to determine the direction of further development. Initially, for example, there were zombies in the game, but it was decided to abandon them. Now the creators of Rust already know what they want to create, so they decided to announce the official release.

The cost of the game will almost double from $ 19.99 to $ 34.99. Prices for other regions will be announced at a later date.

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Rust - How many players have requested a refund per game

 Since Steam gave you a refund for a game in which you played less than two hours, many players have been able to give up on rash and disappointing purchases. In the case of sandbox-survival Rust , the number of dissatisfied buyers turned out to be very impressive.

Game developer Garry Newman posted an interesting screenshot where you can see the total number of Rust returns, as well as the amount of compensation paid to players. As it turned out, about 330,000 players were unhappy with the project and returned over $ 4,300,000.

According to SteamSpyThere are over 5,500,000 users of Rust, but despite this, the developers had to pay a fairly large sum. The most common reason for refunds is “poor performance” and “boring”.

There are tens of thousands of refunds made on the Steam platform every day. This service is especially relevant now, during the summer sale. Indeed, in the last 24 hours alone, more than 220,000 players have been asked to return their money.

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Your character's gender in RUST will be randomly determined

 A survival game called RUST , which is in Early Access status on Steam, has amazed players on more than one occasion. So, last year, RUST characters had masculinity, and its sizes varied depending on the Steam ID. Next, the developers decided to add a female character, but now it turned out that the gender of your character will be randomly determined, depending, again, on the Steam ID.

It happened after the last update and now it's not up to you to decide whether your character will be a man or a woman, everything will be decided by a great random, starting from the Steam ID. Many players, especially those using voice chat, are upset. However, in real life, we also do not choose who to be born, as well as the size ... of the merits.

“We would never go against you. However, in life, you also do not always have a choice. In addition, the male voice coming from the female character is no stranger than the voice of an eight-year-old boy from an adult character, ”the developers say.

“Rust is a multiplayer survival computer game developed by the independent British studio Facepunch, which previously created Garry's Mod. You have to collect resources, as well as kill animals and other players for the sake of the coveted loot (or just like that). The game features a fairly advanced crafting system. And you will have the opportunity to create houses, equipment, various furniture and much more. ”

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Rust - The game has lost the character leveling system

 The new patch for sandbox-survival Rust brought noticeable changes to the mechanics and gameplay - the game lost the experience and leveling system.

The developers from the Facepunch studio explained their decision by the fact that this system removed from the game such elements as "constant new meetings and enjoyment of the game," focusing the players' attention more on the process and optimization of pumping. This made the game boring after the player reached the maximum level, which threatened to reduce the player base.

Instead of an experience system, players are now offered a new mechanic that allows players to create whatever they want from the very start of the game. This means that there will no longer be any items or blueprints locked behind the XP wall. However, rarer items will require various components for crafting, which must be independently searched for on the map and which cannot be obtained in any other way other than gathering.

“Rust is a multiplayer survival computer game developed by the independent British studio Facepunch, which previously created Garry's Mod. You have to collect resources, as well as kill animals and other players for the sake of the coveted loot (or just like that). The game features a fairly advanced crafting system. And you will have the opportunity to create houses, equipment, various furniture and much more. ”

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Rust and the "curse of early access"

 Sandbox-survival Rust developer Harry Newman recently wrote a short blog post on his blog. Its name - “The Curse of Early Access” , speaks for itself. There are many positives to an Early Access project, Newman said. First of all, in this way, developers can enlist the support of players and receive feedback from the community.

However, Rust has been in this state for over three years. Of course, the developers have not forgotten about regular patches and innovations, but players still complain that the project does not go into full-fledged release. However, Newman doesn't think Rust is fully prepared for such a big move."For me, it all comes down to one question: If Early Access didn't exist, would we release this game?" - he writes in his article.

Perhaps, having revised the situation, the developers will nevertheless listen to the opinions of the players and the release will finally take place. However, for now, such a step will mean that the game is completed and worked out, and Newman believes that this is far from the case. The team is already working on adding various features to Rust so that newbies can figure it out without reading guides and tutorials. After that, it will already be possible to talk about the exit from early access and further development.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

RUST - Throw swords, maces and cleavers

 The developers of the multiplayer survival simulator RUST have posted a new report on their blog . And we managed to find out that:

- Now the game has a lot of small musical pieces of different themes, which will be included at certain moments of the game.

- Optimized some of the movements of the ViewModel (first person view model). Lowering and raising the weapon while running, and general swaying of the weapon when turning.

- Removed sight for the lazy (a point in the central part of the screen that changes its position depending on movement).

- Added interface smoothing.

- Reduced visibility distance during foggy weather.

- Tom's semi-automatic rifle is almost ready to be introduced into the game.

- Longsword, mace and homemade cleaver can now be thrown. And the damage from a two-handed throwing weapon is greater than from a one-handed one.

- Small updates will be released weekly, and large ones will be postponed until pre-release.

- All voice chat notifications in the interface have been removed. That is, to understand who is speaking, you need to go to the sound.

- Now you can attack with melee weapons underwater. So get ready for spearfishing and construction.

- Work continues on textures for dungeons and their surroundings, as well as on a female character model.

- The anti-cheat system in RUST will start checking the damage not only against other players, but also inflicted on oneself.

Saturday, 29 May 2021

The RUST community continues to grow

 Facepunch founder Harry Newman published a letter in which he summed up the results of 2015 and shared the plans of the RUST multiplayer survival simulator team for the near future. And it became known that:

- Now the average online is 15,000 players (peak - 29,000). So the game's community continues to grow.

- A total of 2,976,670 copies of the game were sold in 2014 and 2015.

- In 2015, 198,501 copies of the game were purchased in Russia, and 186,791 in the USA.

- 48% of players have played 20+ hours, 50+ hours - 29%, 15% - 100+ hours.

- In 2016, RUST will leave the Early Access stage. But updates will continue to be released (they will be related to new content, not gameplay). The system of construction, destruction and other basic bases will not change after that. But there will be new AI, vehicles and weapons. Naturally, developers will not forget about adding balance edits, optimization and bug fixes.

Read more    - Work has already begun on the Roadmap. You can see it on a special page . Of the most interesting changes, it is worth noting:

First quarter of 2016

Experience system. Players will have experience, which is a kind of currency. Experience is awarded for collecting resources and crafting for the first time.

Character level system. The level is based on the total accumulated experience. And if you increase the level, then you open up new blueprints.

System of drawings. It is somewhat reminiscent of the tree-like system of skills in other games (if you want to open a new blueprint, you will first have to learn the previous one).

Skill system. Skills will be divided into 3 categories: survival, crafting, and fitness.

Second quarter of 2016

By chopping trees, you can get branches, berries and bird eggs.

Wolves will become much more difficult to fight. And the bears will have vulnerabilities (that is, it is useless to hit other parts of the body).

With the help of self-grown food, you can gain experience (you just have to eat it).

Also, this week is likely to be a wipe of servers.

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

RUST - Admins can now play as female characters

 The multiplayer survival simulator RUST continues to receive various updates. And a female character model has already appeared in the game.

So far, only server administrators can run after female characters. And according to Facepunch founder Harry Newman, the team needs a little more time to finalize custom features and more.

So regular players will have to wait a certain amount of time. By the way, it is worth considering that, as with other character traits in RUST, the gender will be assigned randomly (and you cannot change it due to the linking to the Steam ID).

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Before - New game from the creators of Garry's Mod and RUST

 Facepunch Studios, which previously noted work on Garry's Mod and RUST, announced their new game Before at The Game Awards 2014. From the first seconds of the video, the project can even be confused with the work of WilD from Michel Ansel , but this is only at first glance.

Like the studio's last game, this is survival in a harsh world. True, this time it will be necessary to govern not one person, but an entire primitive tribe at once. Everything must be done to ensure that people survive in these difficult conditions, as well as develop spiritually and culturally.

It is not yet known if the game will have a multiplayer mode.

Sunday, 16 May 2021

RUST - Plans for future updates

 The FacePunch development team has shared plans to further develop the multiplayer survival simulator RUST with different categories and priorities.

The main task in the list of developers is the system of drawings, with the help of which it will be possible to create various objects. As planned, drawings can be shared with friends. Also, the developers want to open up the ability to destroy, create and repair absolutely everything that is in the game world. It is also planned to introduce the game in various weather conditions, including storms that can destroy entire buildings.

At the stage of approval and concept is agriculture, drawing maps, as well as a variety of transport: water, land and air. The plans even include weapons for storming buildings and fortifications.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

RUST - Item Editor, UI and Farming

 The FacePunch development team announced the release of a full-fledged survival MMO RUST item editor, personally announced by Harry Newman on the pages of the game's official blog . The developer also added that user-created items will only appear in the game after voting and verification.

Players should also expect the addition of sane in-game chat, alerts and a pop-up menu. The introduction of farming into the game is also announced, but due to performance problems, work on it is being delayed.

Monday, 10 May 2021

About Rust and Garry's Mod fees

 Harry Newman of Facepunch Studios revealed on his Twitter microblog that Garry's Mod has grossed over $ 30 million since its release on November 29, 2006.

But he also added that their game Rust has already raised 0.34% more funds, although it has only been on sale since December 11, 2013 and has not even officially been released yet, but is in "early access".

RUST - CheatPunch has blocked cheaters

 The FacePunch development team went on the warpath against cheaters in a survival MMO, installing a special system called CheatPunch on stable servers, which acts by analogy with the VAC System - it locks the game account forever. According to the first data, there were only 4,600 lucky ones. The founder of the project, Garry Newman, even published a very funny letter about this, in which he deliberately mocked dishonest players: “If you were kicked out of the server with a message about the blocking, you were caught hot. You perfectly understand We understand that it was your 9-year-old cousin. Your computer has been hacked. The CIA wants to block your games so that you join them in the hunt for aliens. For those like you, we will launch a site with proof of everyone's guilt. "

World of Darkness: Developers will borrow ideas from RUST and DayZ

 In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun , the CEO of CCP Games said that MMORPG World of Darkness will give us an open world and sandbox elements. According to him, these features will appear in the game thanks to such survival MMOs as RUST and DayZ (roughly speaking, they drew inspiration).

The concept of humans and vampires will not change, but definitely RUST, DayZ and similar projects will influence the final version of WoD. We remind you that World of Darkness has been in development for 8 years.

"In general terms, the World of Darkness is like the 'real' world we all inhabit. The same groups are popular, violence also spreads within cities, bribes and corruption flourish among the same governments, and people visit the same cities for their culture. this world has the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. However, unlike our world, it has hidden horror - in the World of Darkness, all the diseases of our world are even more serious. Our fears are much more real. Our governments are even more decadent. Our ecosystem is dying more and more with each at night. And vampires exist. "

The creator of DayZ on the prospects for the game on consoles

 DayZ's head of development, Dean "Rocket" Hall, in a recent interview with Gamereactor, spoke about the prospects for the game's release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to him, he actively communicated with Microsoft regarding the Xbox One, but nothing has been decided so far, although the developer does not discard this proposal. ... At this point, he only understands that both consoles are capable of providing an environment in which Bohemia can operate. However, PCs are still a priority, and consoles have yet to prove themselves worthy of the chance. At the same time, Dean believes that they both have potential and expects that their time will come.